About SB Graphik

SB Graphik is a personal website of Sebastian Buchanan, a graphics designer/photographer based in Atlanta. Graphic design is one of of the most popular jobs in the modern "gig" economy. Making a name for yourself in this economy is difficult due to the large amount of competition that exists on the market. Key factors in getting people to hire you are good quality work, that stands out and which will earn you a good reputation. In my work, as a photographer, I try to evolve photography to the next level by using things like photography drones during my photo sessions. They give another dimension to the subject that is rarely captured by having just a single camera in the hands of the photographer, on the ground.

Being a graphics designer helps elevate my photography even further. By using some of the techniques from the world of graphics design, I'm able to better satisfy the wants of my customers, and easily fix the rare times that I make mistakes. It's a very interesting and useful thing, knowing both graphics design and photography. During photography gigs, mistakes do happen. I remember one time when recording a wedding, I accidentally caught my high quality photography drone in the background of the first dance photo. It's a bit unprofessional on my part, but like I said, mistakes do happen. Luckily I was able to use my graphic design know-how to correct that mistake while editing photos afterwards. Having multiple skills is highly desirable in this modern economy, and I highly recommend to any photographer, graphics designer, or whatever it is that you are, to always try and improve yourself in order to attract new business.


Photography has been a hobby of mine since I was very little. Grabbing a camera and playing around with it is actually one of my first memories. Camera wasn't mine of course, it was my fathers, who was also a photographer. He is the one who taught me a lot about photography as I was growing up. I've come a long way since that first camera that I held and now I have lots of professional gear, even high quality photography drones, like I already mentioned. Photography is my first love and I'm thankful for the fact that I've ended up doing photography for a living. There's nothing better when you do something you love for a living. I hope that I can help you achieve your dreams and photograph your event. There is nothing that I love more than working with people to make their vision come true. In my spare time I love going for a stroll in the woods, or on a trip to the beach and take photos of the beauty that nature has to offer.

Graphics design

Doing graphics design is sort of a consequences of me entering the digital age as a photographer back at the start of 2000s. Photoshop is a very powerful tool, and it takes a long time to fully understand all that it can do. Only a small number of people, if any, has actually gotten around to learn everything that Photoshop can do. That's why I love graphics design, because there is always something new to discover. It's not just Photoshop, there are many other tools that are available that can be used to create beautiful graphics and digital art. I try to keep my graphics design and photography separate when I'm offering people my photography services. In my spare time though I combine the two to create fantasy digital pieces, something similar to Digital Blasphemy, which is a huge source of my inspiration.

My services include

Logo design

A logo is something that is going to represent your business, your website, it will be the your second face basically. It is therefore important that when you are creating your logo, you do it right. Logo should also be something easy to remember, something to get peoples attention, but in a good way. There are many examples of bad logo design out there on the web, which you should avoid at all cost. Don't worry, I'm here to help.

Banner design

If you have a website that you are building from scratch, or if you maybe have an existing website that you want to spruce up a little bit, you can do that with a new banner design. Modern banners don't just comprise of a single static image, but rather of several elements. There can be a logos, banner background, menus, search bar, and various other elements. I will work with you to setup the best possible design.

Web page templates

Building a custom web page template from scratch isn't something that's done that often nowadays. People just purchase pre-built template from the web. Making a web page template from scratch gives you the freedom to make your website your own, instead of using someone else's idea of what a website should be. Creating a web page template from scratch takes more time, and it's more pricier but I think it's worth it in the end.

Website setup

Website setup is probably the most popular service our of all the ones that I'm offering. Website setup is a combined service where I'm offering you the ability to create a logo, or a banner, alongside setting up the website with your own template. This is using content management systems like WordPress of Joomla. You provide everything, domain, hosting, template, I take care of everything else, in accordance with your wishes of course.

Digital photography

If you choose to use my digital photography services, you'll get to add a bit of zest to your photos by mixing in fantasy with reality. Digital photography is a special service that I'm offering to people who are looking to have their photos spiced up by adding expensive cars, mythical beasts, etc. to them. For example, last digital photography photo shoot that I had revolved around "Game of Thrones" and I had to add dragons into the shoot. It was cool.

Other graphics design services

By other graphics design services I'm referring to everything else that can be done with a digital paintbrush, which I haven't mentioned. I'm talking about things like creating posters, cover art, business card design, calender design, etc. SB Graphik does it all. Just get in touch with me and you won't be disappointed. Quotes are free, so you don't have anything to lose by sending me your question. Hope to hear from you soon.

Contact me

As I have already mentioned you can get a quote from me for free. You don't lose anything if you shoot me up an email, write what it is that you are interested in and get a free quote. I'll review your request and reply within a day or two with my fee. If you look at some of my work, I'm sure you'll find that my fees are very reasonable. Every offer from me includes unlimited revisions, so if you don't like something on the original design that I send, I will fix it for no extra charge.