Inkscape – a great free tool for vector graphics

March 19, 2018

Seeing how I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about my recent article where I talked about free resources for graphics designer, more specifically, about how to get free stock photos off of Pixabay, I thought I should continue talking about free resources for graphics designers, only this time I should focus on tools. Hence […]

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Graphics design for beginners – stock photos for free?

Every person who wants to get into graphics design will inevitably come across the problem of finding good resources where to get stock photos. Those who don’t know what stock photos are, they are photographs of everyday situations that you see on ads, in promotional campaigns where there’s a group of people laughing, doing a […]

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Why beginner photographers should not buy expensive cameras

March 18, 2018

Reasoning behind my advice that beginner photographers should not go out and buy the most expensive camera that they can is pretty simple, an expensive DSLR camera might be too complicated for a beginners to handle, and it might turn you off from photography altogether. It’s the same for anyone starting any new hobby really. […]

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