Setup an initial consultation with me by filling out the form down below and hitting send. Keep in mind that initial consultation is completely FREE. Arrange a meet with me, tell me your ideas, what kind of work you need, and I’ll give you a rough estimate of how much the gig will cost. In most cases I don’t do free work, regardless of how much exposure you can get me. I need to pay the bills, and I can’t do that with exposure (I tried to ask my utility company).

People with questions, suggestions, criticisms are also more than welcome to contact me. I’ve had beginner photographers contact me with excellent questions about how to get into photography, and I always love reading those. Send me your questions about anything really. I’ll answer most of them either by replying to you directly, or by making a post on my blog.

Try to be respectful in your messages. Those contacting me with unsolicited offers will be blocked. Same things goes for nasty emails, with insults, derogatory remarks, hate speech, etc. Keep it clean and you won’t meet the power of my ban hammer. Hope to hear from you soon, and as always, take care.